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High School

The Difficult Conversation: Dating, Love, and Relationship
Speaker: Michael Lambert

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to voice concerns and ask questions about the lifestyle of being 'in love'. Discussion of dating will be the primary focus, offering practical guidance for how to engage in healthy/unhealthy relationships.

Discovering Your Strength
Speaker: Betsy Montague

Have you ever felt like a ‘fish out of water?‘ It is obvious that fish are more comfortable in water and swimming is their strength. A fish should be swimming. People have strengths too, many more than a fish and discovering a person’s strengths requires both awareness and effort. During middle and high school, you may notice that certain subjects and activities are more difficult than others and sometimes are called a ‘weakness.’ A common mistake people make when they discover a weakness is to focus more effort trying to fix it. The Gallup research group studied over 2 million workers and leaders, and discovered that the highest performers are the ones that select their work and make life choices based on their strengths.

In this session, learn 5 ways to find your strengths and put them to work for you. Be aware of 3 common behaviors that distract us from doing our best and replace them with 3 strength-developing behaviors. Knowing your strengths will also help when selecting your university degree and future career. Why wait?

Turning Failure Into Growth
Speaker: Chris Carter

What if failure is necessary in order to achieve success? What if taking a risk, being wrong, then figuring out how to improve is the only process that exists that will help you achieve your potential? Find out what the last 10 years of brain research and psychology have revealed. The research may surprise you.

Transformational Leadership
Speaker: Peter Yoo

What is the essence of leadership?  How can you make an impact when you feel so young and maybe even insignificant?  This seminar will tell you the heart of leadership in whatever arena that you find yourself in.  As a student, you can be a leader in your home, to your siblings, amongst your friends, whatever activity that you find interest in and also in your school.  Learn how to be a positive influence wherever you go. 

Middle School

Leading as A Follower

Speaker: Andrew Feng

Come learn about the importance of being a follower. Not everyone is a leader and sometimes the followers are just as important. We'll discuss what it means realize to lead as a follower and watch a few short videos from TED and I AM SECOND.

Net Etiquette
Speaker: Carol Ann Tonn

Do you surf the web?  Do you write your friends and communicate for hours via text, email or facebook?  Do you always know the correct thing to say?  When to add more or when to "hold back" on content?  Have you ever been cyber-bullyed?  Do you ever worry you might have "gone too far" and bullied someone without even knowing it at the time?  If you answer "yes" to these questions, it is time for you to attend the Netiquette session at YGLS.  We will cover the Core Rules of Netiquette.  We will also discuss violations and showcase some "how to" tips to be (and remain) a kind, positive person on the net.

How did I get into this? Or another fight. Again?
Speaker: Lisa D'Souza

We all have arguments with friends.  We all have people that we just don’t like very much.  But, what to do about it?  Come to this workshop to learn how to be a peacemaker and bridge builder.  Through exercises and role playing, learn conflict resolution skills that you can use in arguments with friends, family, and frenemies.

Workshop Choice 2

High School

Leaving the Nest - Independence
Speaker: Tess Robinson

Whether or not you are thinking about it now, it will soon be time to leave the cozy nest that your parents have so nicely feathered for you. The transition from your high school home to college is a big one….do you know what to expect?   Will you be ready when the time comes? Getting ready for college success takes a lot more than good grades…come and take the first step towards  growing up and getting yourself together…prepare to leave your nest!

The Pursuit of Love
Speaker: Michelle Tepper

Deep inside we all long for a world where true love wins. However, life teaches us that in reality love rarely lives up to the fairytales. This session questions humanity’s obsession with finding and pursuing “true love”. Regardless of our expectations and experience of love, it is important to understand what love is and recognize that how we define love will directly affect our experience and satisfaction in all of our relationships in life. 

Start A Life Saving Community - Facilitation Skills
Speaker: Rob Pritz

Forming a transparent community with those around you is something you can do. This workshop will provide you with the basic tools needed to facilitate small group communities within your current friend circles. A life saving community can be natural, organic, and easy to do with high impact outcomes. These transparent “real communities” can be started by you. Get equipped, share life, share burdens and fulfill the law of Christ!

When Life Is So Confusing, How to Make Sense of It All?
Speaker: Cameron McAllister

This workshop is devoted to one major question: Who am I? It’s a simple question that’s surprisingly difficult to answer. In fact, many people spend their entire lives trying to figure it out. This is a serious problem. We have little hope of understanding the world around us if we can’t even understand ourselves. If you don’t know what‘s the point of your life is, this workshop is for you.

Middle School

Discovering Your Strength
Speaker: Betsy Montague

This session is a great opportunity to get a head start on discovering your strengths and finding out what you are supposed to do with your weaknesses. (Hint: we all have both strengths and weaknesses) Learn 5 practival ways to identify your personal strengths immediately and put them to work for you. Avoid 3 common obstacles that will distract you from your potential and focus on 3 strength-developing boosters instead. This information can also be helpful as you are selecting your degree or career. GFocus on what you were uniquely made to do!

How to Deal with Both Success and Failure?
Speaker: Tracy Trinita

The pressure to be successful and the fear of failure often cloud our everyday decisions in life. We all want to be successful, but what does it mean?  And what is the right way to handle failure? This talk will help you to see success and failure from a Christian perspective and help prepare you for both.

I'm A Middle Schooler and I'm in Love. Is This Possible?
Speaker: Micheal Lambert

As a middle schooler, one can feel uncertainty and stress in relationships because of the social pressure connected to dating.  In this workshop, we will focus on how to maintain healthy relationships and what it means to be in love as a middle schooler.


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